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Wineaux: Risking my neck for the new rosés

As a direct result of the Davis library’s new curbside pick-up service (after the long weeks of total deprivation), I am now living in 16th century England. Its narcissistic king — that would be Henry VIII — has just severed head from body of Queen Anne Boleyn and several of her supposed lovers. The ever-obliging Thomas […]

Wineaux: Can you taste the sea in a glass of wine?

During my infrequent sojourns in the Midwest, I’ve ended up after a few days feeling claustrophobic to the point of mild panic: “What if I need to get to the ocean”? The possibility of ocean within a couple hours’ drive has always reassured me — of what, I’m not sure. I generally chalk it up […]

Wineaux: Decoding the message in the bottle

365体育投注In one of the amusing Vintage Berkeley missives that so light up my days, the staff commented about the importance of their product in these weird times: “as one of the only strangers we get to invite to our dinner table, wine’s both a pleasure and a message-in-a-bottle, sent from afar.” I like that. A message in […]

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Wineaux: Finding silver in California’s valleys and hills

My first essay as a high school student claimed — falsely — that I woke up each day with strains of “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning” going through my head. I guess I was trying to project the image of a good, happy Catholic girl, confident that “everything’s going my way.” The truth? I’m a […]

May 20, 2020 | Posted in Food & Drink

Wineaux: Drinking my merry way through the long days

43%, 59%, 135%, 260% — a few of the wildly divergent estimates of how much more we’re drinking during lockdown. All measure something slightly different, most don’t specify location, or separate out wine from beer from spirits. But the trend seems clear. At first I shrugged. Well, why shouldn’t we enjoy ourselves during our incarceration? […]

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Wineaux: In praise of the wonderful world of wine people

365体育投注“Wine person” might bring to mind that sommelier who foisted on you an expensive bottle that you didn’t even like much. Or the wine-seller who made you feel that if you weren’t willing to spend $50 on a bottle, you weren’t worth bothering with. I’ve run across both these folks. I once got up and […]

April 22, 2020 | Posted in Food & Drink | Tagged ,

Wineaux: Making careful choices in chaotic times

Usually wary of “gratitude” rhetoric, I practice gratitude religiously these days as an antidote to wallowing in self-pity. You know … Oh poor me, confined to a redwood-filled interior looking out onto a 6-by-6-foot garden with its hummingbird and black phoebe visitors and whimsical art, wondering which fresh-from-farmers-market vegetable and bottle of good wine to […]

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Wineaux: Good wine in the time of COVID-19

365体育投注In previous years I have “given up” ranting for Lent, but since the 2016 election, I’ve been wholly unable to make that sacrifice. In fact, this Lent my rants have ramped up. This one, though, has nothing to do with Trump, electoral politics, the climate crisis, or even COVID-19 (you don’t really need another rant […]

March 25, 2020 | Posted in Food & Drink | Tagged ,

Wineaux: Detecting the drinkable and delicious

If you are addicted, as I am, to detective fiction, I can recommend the fun if frivolous series by M.L.Longworth set in Provence. Each book features not only a choice murder or two but choice food and, especially, choice wine. In “A Noel Killing,” for example, the detecting couple, Bonnet and Verlaque, sit down to […]

March 11, 2020 | Posted in Food & Drink | Tagged ,

Susana Leonardi: Musings on words, wine and good company

My Valentine card this year included a list of definitions for “boon.” Why? Because I had referred, in a recent column, to my spouse as my “boon companion,” meaning something like “convivial.” She seemed quite taken with the epithet. “Boon,” I learned from the card, can also mean “gracious,” “bounteous,” “companionable,” “congenial,” “jovial,” and just […]

February 26, 2020 | Posted in Food & Drink | Tagged ,

Wineaux: Valentine’s Day — read all about it

365体育投注I love sitting down to a quiet and nourishing breakfast. By that time I’ve bathed and stretched, so a good cup of hot tea and eggs poached in salsa or a grain bowl with sardines and avocado or a plate of cornmeal pancakes starts my work day with energy and cheer. The morning meal ends […]

February 12, 2020 | Posted in Food & Drink | Tagged ,

Wineaux: Weighed down by sweet? Have a bitter feast

I’ve had a sweet tooth since childhood; it mostly manifests as a longing for things like cornmeal-cherry scones, buckwheat pancakes with maple syrup, and squares of very dark chocolate, my current favorite: Alter Eco Salted Almond 70%. (OK, there’s also the dessert that Jana bakes for book group gatherings, but that only happens once a […]

January 29, 2020 | Posted in Food & Drink | Tagged ,

Wineaux: Treat your post-holiday blues with luscious whites

365体育投注A banner year, I thought, for delightful Christmas gifts — like the note cards featuring amazing photographs taken (in an after-school photography class) by 10-year old grandkid Arlo. The chocolate truffles from Portland, a jar of truffle-hazelnut-parmesan spread and a box full of backyard mandarins are still enhancing my days, though not, alas, for long. […]

January 15, 2020 | Posted in Food & Drink | Tagged ,

Wineaux: Drinking new wine for a new year

If all the articles I see about sticking to New Year’s resolutions are accurate, most of you have broken yours by now. Knowing the statistics (are they really worth gathering?), I make only the most pleasurable resolutions — like drinking better wine and trying new recipes. Should I want to attempt resolutions more demanding, I […]

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