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Per Capita Davis: Two elephants in the room

At the risk of inflicting my internal turmoil on you, I confess to a huge ambivalence in making any connection between the pandemic and the climate crisis. Do we really need two elephants in the room at the same time? One that has been with us for a long time, decades even, becoming so familiar […]

It’s hard when you can’t gather at your gathering place

365体育投注One of the great comforts during personal challenges is to fall back on your friends. Getting together with your best buddy, having lunch with the girls, maybe even just talking with your favorite bartender can do wonders when you’re faced with tough times.

365体育投注But with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, those avenues have been reduced to FaceTime, texting or emails. There are no physical shoulders to cry on, not during the shelter-in-place orders of California Gov. Gavin Newsom. So, how is one of Yolo County’s unique and stress-reducing gathering spots — Road 98’s Plainfield Station — doing as the world stops spinning?

Point of Brew: A brewery fermentation and herd immunity

365体育投注Porton Down! When I read those words my chest tightened, my heart beat a little faster, breath came in a rush and I broke a sweat. I guess that is the fight-or-flight reaction but in this case the emotions were alternately fearsome dread and fascinated curiosity. So why the emotional response to Porton Down? Well, […]

At My Table: Comfort from making cookies

365体育投注I recently spent two weeks exploring Mexico City, its history, art and food, including dining at Pujol and a magical dinner at artist Frida Kahlo’s house and garden. My plan was to share some restaurants and street food corners with you. Upon my return home, however, I discovered the chaos caused by the coronavirus, which […]

Local builder invests in green building principles

365体育投注Local builder John Eisele may very well be a diamond in the rough. A true and true local, the owner of Eisele Construction Inc. has been building for the 21st Century  for almost 30 years and has gone almost unnoticed. Raised in Davis, Eisele has been building for the 21st century while amassing knowledge in the […]

Poem of the month

I wrote the poem below for the Davis celebration of Martin Luther King Day. I am sharing it now as I think the theme fits the crisis we all now face. This is a time for helping those in need, for standing together — even we are all 6 feet apart. We must not surrender […]

Test your knowledge

1. Pop Culture — Music. What are the six words in the title of the Beatles’ first #1 hit in the US? 2. Unusual Words. What four-syllable O-adjective means “Intended to attract notice and impress others”? 3. Indiana. Starting with the letter P, what university is the largest employer, by far, in the city of […]

Thriving Pink: Embracing our resilience

Many of us have persevered through a diagnosis of cancer and other seemingly impossible challenges. We understand the importance of resilience. We have learned through experience how to adapt, overcome and even thrive in the most difficult of circumstances. Now, as we figure out this “new normal,” we know that we can dig deep based […]

Healthy eating in the age of the coronavirus

365体育投注By Melody Steeples, MPH, RD Special to The Enterprise When the novel coronavirus first hit American shores, people were understandably worried. Even before government advice, many people began to take steps to avoid unnecessary exposure. This led a lot of people into panic buying, and store shelves began to empty. Now there are reports of […]

Need a new best friend?

At Rotts of Friends Animal Rescue, you’ll find Bowie, a 10-month- to 1-year-old neutered male purebred Rottie. This boy loves to play and run around; he’s super-friendly, young and moldable. He needs some training, but the next obedience training series starts on April 8, so the timing is great. Pal is a gorgeous, red, 1½- to […]

Rancho Yolo: Closer than ever during tough times

365体育投注In an unsettling era of social distancing, there is one community in Davis that is staying closer than ever. Rancho Yolo, a mobile home park for retirement-aged folks off Pole Line Road, has long been a tight-knit enclave that through its owners association has provided recreational, utilitarian and self-improvement services.

How will the Coronavirus pandemic affect mortgage rates?

By Nate Piña Special to The Enterprise The COVID-19 crisis is going to significantly affect mortgages, real estate and all homeowners, possibly all this year and next. It is the biggest single financial issue facing homeowners today. How low did interest rates go? The 30-year-fixed conventional mortgage rate was recently below 3% for the first […]

Ways to address market volatility concerns

By George Barden Special to The Enterprise The economic collapse of 2008 taught harsh lessons about the potential for portfolio losses and how that could derail one’s retirement plans. When there’s volatility in the market, it’s natural to worry about your retirement nest egg. Actions taken today can affect your financial security tomorrow, so let’s […]

Wineaux: Good wine in the time of COVID-19

In previous years I have “given up” ranting for Lent, but since the 2016 election, I’ve been wholly unable to make that sacrifice. In fact, this Lent my rants have ramped up. This one, though, has nothing to do with Trump, electoral politics, the climate crisis, or even COVID-19 (you don’t really need another rant […]

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