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Letter: Davis High PTA honors seniors

365体育投注The Davis Senior High School PTA annually recognizes four graduating seniors who have contributed to improving our local or high school community. This award is not a college scholarship and can be used for any purpose to help a graduate begin their next steps. This year we received over 20 applications from students who have […]

Letter: Thank you, City Council

At its May 19, 2020 meeting, our City Council unanimously passed a resolution supporting the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear weapons, renouncing the option of using nuclear weapons first, and urging agreements among nuclear-armed states to eliminate their nuclear arsenals. They have thereby joined the California State Legislature, the City of Los […]

Letter: Lesson not yet learned

365体育投注I am impressed with John Mott-Smith’s column of Wednesday, May 20. Lessons learned can be easily forgotten. He reminded readers of the enormous amount of money that the military receives at the expense of other agencies. One lesson that we haven’t learned from is what Congress set up immediately after 9-11, 2001, namely the Authorization […]

Commentary: Congress must fund another major economic relief package

365体育投注By Maurice Obstfeld and Laura D’Andrea TysonSpecial to CalMatters Just a month prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. and California were reporting historic low unemployment rates of 3.5% and 3.9% respectively. With historically low interest rates, low inflation and stable financial markets, most forecasters predicted that output and employment growth would […]

Tom Elias: Why should Biden choose Harris for veep?

For months, California’s Democratic U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris has campaigned hard to convince presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joseph Biden he should make her his vice presidential running mate. The ever-ambitious, well-spoken and fast-on-her-feet Harris fits into many categories Biden openly seeks to match: She’s black, female and could appeal to foreign-born voters as the daughter […]

Dan Walters: How long will one-man rule last?

For the past decade, California has been a case study in one-party rule. Democrats hold every statewide office and enjoy overwhelming majorities in the congressional delegation and both legislative houses. Republicans, due largely to their own failures, are irrelevant. With no partisan competition, whatever Democratic leaders decide behind closed doors is quickly written into law, […]

Commentary: Health vs. economy is a false dichotomy

By Tamika HamiltonSpecial to The Enterprise COVID-19 has devastated California communities and people from all walks of life, including farmers, teachers, small business owners and independent workers. Despite the tragic impacts, however, one thing we know about Californians is that we are a resilient and diverse bunch. And when it comes to combatting the coronavirus, […]

Are we there yet? Diehard print fans have a valid point

I read a lot about the newspaper business. Actually, that’s a major understatement … I’m obsessed with it and want to own a newspaper at some point. Even a casual observer of what is happening in the world of local media knows that’s a strange inclination. Be that as it may, I collect a lot […]

Commentary: Gallery of snapshots of where we’re headed

365体育投注By Llewellyn KingSpecial to The Enterprise Snapshots. That’s what we have of the United States as we emerge tentative and fraught from lockdown. We don’t have the whole picture, just snapshots of this and that. Some of the snapshots are encouraging: The air is clearer, crime is down and a collective spirit is apparent in […]

Letter: Davis interfaith clergy COVID response

We, the undersigned faith leaders, are grateful for the leadership and discernment of the Yolo County Office of Health and Human Services as they make decisions based on the available data, research and recommendations from other institutions of public health. We have expressed our support for Dr. Ron Chapman, the Yolo County Health Officer. As […]

Letter: The government we deserve?

President Thomas Jefferson wrote, “The government you elect is the government you deserve.” The Inspector General Act of 1978 is a good government law passed in the wake of Watergate to permit the daylighting of federal government malfeasance through independent investigations and reports. Each inspector general is appointed for the federal departments by the president […]

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